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    Leather Options

    Conceria Walpier

    Conceria Walpier is an Italian tannery that has been operating since 1973. They are well known among leather crafters for their quality vegetable tanned leathers. They are a favorite of ours to work with due to their consistent finishes and wide variety of colors. Their leathers are fully dyed through and will patina nicely over time building some character with use.

    Buttero Red

    Buttero Rose

    Buttero Orange

    Buttero Yellow

    Buttero Green

    Buttero Blue

    Buttero Bordeaux

    Buttero Violet

    Buttero Taupe

    Buttero Whiskey

    Badalassi Carlo

    Badalassi Carlo is an Italian tannery which has been running for over 40 years. They produce premium vegetable tanned leather that come in a wide array of unique and vibrant colors. Their Pueblo leather has a rustic yet refined look to it and their Minerva has a smooth grain and an intense depth of color. Both leathers are have a medium temper and will age to to an amazing patina.

    Pueblo Pink

    Pueblo Olive

    Pueblo Ortensia

    Pueblo Navy

    Pueblo Grey

    Minerva Turquoise


    We like to offer a wide variety of leather choices! Apart from the primary leather options above we also carry the below leathers as part of our efforts to bring you unique offerings.  While the below options are currently in stock, we may or may not continue to carry these so if you like something e-mail us if you have any questions!

    Vachetta Luxe Black

    Wickett & Craig - Honey Tan

    Wickett & Craig Natural

    Tannerie D'annonay - Brown

    La Perla Azzura - Stone Camo

    La Perla Azzura - Black Camo

    Horween - Gold Dublin