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    What's YSRA Mean?

    YSRA - pronounced "Issara" - is the Thai word for freedom or independence.


    My wife and I are the duo behind YSRA Supply. We hand make small-batch leather goods from our home workshop in Greenville, SC.

    It all started with a small set of tools, a little leather, and the desire to make my own wallet. When I finished my wallet, the feeling of making something with my own two hands was all it took... I was hooked. One wallet led to the next and to the next and so it went. It wasn't long after that my wife decided to take up some of our leather to make her own earrings and just like that... She got hooked too. Not long after that was when we decided to start YSRA Supply to share our designs and love for the craft.

    What We Believe In:

    Buying local + buying less + buying better. In today's world of fast fashion and mass consumption, we opt to pay a little more for small-batch, hand-made goods in order to help the environment and contribute to local economies. You get a one-of-a-kind product - made by someone you can meet and talk to - and your local craftsmen and women get to continue their passions. Go out and support your local makers!

    A little about us:

    We are both Thai-Americans, and have two incredible little girls - they are our daily inspiration to hone our crafts and leave a positive imprint on the world.

    Fun Fact:

    YSRA Supply was named after my youngest daughter's middle name, Issara, and you can see my wife holding her in the picture above.

    Thanks for reading, and please drop me a line with any questions!

    Sincerely yours,

    Shaun and Tanya